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Thrasher Vacation: Canada
Thrasher Vacation: Canada
Nov 2023 by Route One

You really have to hand it to Burnett and the skate overlords at Thrasher, they really can pull together a crew like nobody else. Whilst virtually every other tour focuses around the promotion of a brand and the patronage of the various riders on the payroll, Thrasher can hand pick a crew of the personalities they want to hang out with and cart them off around the world, safe in the knowledge the resultant footage will always be one of the best clips of the year.

Under the auspices of the fabled 'Thrasher Vacation,' that's exactly what we get; the joyous privilege of witnessing a squad ranging from Evan Smith to Frank Gerwer, via Rick McCrank and Wes Kremer, Una Farrar and TJ Rogers, travelling Canada for the purity of skateboarding.

And as the boys and girls journey Calgary to Vancouver, producing some of the most mind blowing tricks you'll see in all of 2023, they unintentionally remind us of the core reason of why we all do what we do - it's literally the most fun thing on planet earth. It just so happens that with this bunch it's also the most impressive; Thrasher really can pick the talent!