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Palace 'The Merchandise'
Palace 'The Merchandise'
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Palace 'The Merchandise'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • palace Skate the merchandise

London's premiere lifestyle brand remembers its skateboarding roots in style with the release of this, Palace's latest Hi-8 video offering and the first since Toulouse native and professional Frenchman Lucas Puig joined the ranks.

Touted by those in the know as little more than off-cuts in the run up to the long awaited debut full length, this fifteen minutes of raw international skateboard action more than simply whets the appetite; it genuinely satisfies a need for top class British/Euro skateboarding the world has been missing since the demise of Blueprint and Cliché.

Featuring skateboarding from the majority of the team, there is no denying certain people don't seem to have put in as much effort as others. However, steering clear of highlighting obvious negatives, when this team of genuine mates delivers it does so in the highest quality. 

The stand out parts are, as expected, from the biggest names; Lucien Clark keeps it real with his perfectly executed flips tricks, Brady mesmerises with his best part since 'Lost & Found' and Lucas closes the show with the most perfect Switch Frontside 270 heel flip that even your gran has seen on insta. Though this will all be forgotten when the proper full length finally drops, for now we'll keep on watching again and again as it's pretty much the best our fair Isle has to offer. We reckon you'll probably be quite keen on it too!


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