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Concrete Dinosaurs: Pt.1 Romford
Concrete Dinosaurs: Pt.1 Romford
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Concrete Dinosaurs: Pt.1 Romford

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  • By Route One
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This brand new series from Sidewalk, in association with energy drink Monster, sets about charting the decades old concrete monoliths and veritable churches of skateboarding we're lucky to still have access to in this day of pop up parks and perfect training facilities.

Episode one kicks off celebrations in style with the infamously Grade II listed Romford skate park in Essex, pitting the world class crew of Raven Tershy, Sam Beckett, Rune Glifberg against its aged transitions. Though the fabled ramps may well have played host to the great and the good of skateboarding over the past forty years it would be absurd to suggest that this isn't one of the gnarliest sessions the place has ever witnessed; the speed of Raven's lines alone are enough to make most grown men weep, throw in Sam's mesmerising board control and you have as near a perfect example of top rate transition shredding as you're ever likely to find on these shores.

According to the folks at Sidewalk we can expect part two pretty soon. Until then this is gonna be on heavy rotation for us and we imagine that'll be the case for quite a few of you too!


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