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Push: Nick Tucker

Mar 2017 by Route One

Though it may well have taken many months longer to reach fruition than most of us hoped (after all, considering these all started back in October, we can't imagine many people expected to be still waiting for the parts five months later!), now that the Berrics are finally making the full parts available to view we're thoroughly glad we stuck around long enough to see the results of their collective labour.

This week see's Primitive pro Nick Tucker take centre stage, and now we know just how much effort the San Diego native put into his part, we can understand exactly why this series has taken so long!

After wrapping up the behind the scenes/life story aspect of the series we finally reach the 'meat' of the piece with three and a half minutes of the most beautifully executed technical skateboarding you will see this year. Throughout the series we've been cleverly dropped teasers and snippets to maintain our interest but even those are nothing compared to the onslaught you are about to lay witness to; click play but prepare yourself because this is seriously next level stuff...

Nick Tucker: Push

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