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Leo Romero: The Route One Interview

Mar 2017 by Route One

Though many may aspire, few people will ever come close to matching the career highs of Toy Machine and Emerica Pro Leo Romero. Such is his pedigree, the Fontana CA native stands head and shoulders above virtually all too ever step foot on a board. From teenage pro-dom with the interminably cool Foundation Super Co, through signature shoes with the hottest brand in the biz to his 2010 initiation to the most exclusive of skateboarding clubs, Leo Romero has done it all.

It is with this in mind that we are stoked beyond belief to bring you this brand new and exclusive interview with quite possibly the gnarliest skater of all time. With multiple magazine covers and numerous parts under his belt, no one can deny the prominence of his position within the all-time greats; you don't become S.O.T.Y as a one hit wonder after all!

The privilege to share this interview with you is all ours, and we say it with the utmost sincerity that we're chuffed to bits to be able to do so. Covering everything from the aforementioned days with Foundation, his time over on Baker, making friends with Hulk Hogan and much more besides - if you're gonna watch one interview this week we implore that it's this one, you don't get to hear from legends like Leo Romero every day!

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