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Roman Lisivka for Primitive

Apr 2017 by Route One

Holy switch Pop Shuvits Batman, Roman Lisivka really has this trick on lock!

In all honesty, it seems Primitive Skateboards' 'International Ambassador' Roman has most flat ground tricks on lock, alongside a great deal of grind and slide manoeuvres too. Slovak by birth but having relocated to Catalan skate mecca Barcelona a good few years ago, it's no wonder the skills of young Mr Lisivka have caught the attention of the powers that be over at Primitive - he really is an absolute skateboarding machine.

If you like your skateboarding technical, popped, precise and balanced then look no further than this brand new clip. Primitive know their market and know exactly the kind of thing their fans like; Roman Lisivka is the embodiment of this approach and if you're a fan of previous Primitive output we promise you're gonna lap this up.


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