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Sidewalk 'Point of Interest' Episode 1 - Malaga

Apr 2014 by Route One

Stop the press! Just as we were about to send you this lovingly crafted lookback of the past seven days in the skateboard world (like we do every week) Sidewalk Magazine decided to drop this absolutely stellar clip, filmed ona pre-Christmas get-a-way to Malaga.

The first in a series of edits going entitled 'Point of Interest', it features our own Nick Remon and Nicky Howells plus other luminary UK names in the form of Barney Page, Harry Lintell, Korahn Gayle and Mark Baines. This beautifully put together clip by Ryan Gray illustrates just how high the level of British skating has become over recent years and also confirms that there is a lot more to skate in Spain than just Barcelona.

Sit back, click play and marvel at the amount of insane terrain you'd give your right leg just to session for twenty minutes...

Sidewalk 'Point of Interest' Episode 1: Malaga. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk

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