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Silas X Habitat 10 Years
Silas X Habitat 10 Years
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Silas X Habitat 10 Years

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

2008 Skater of the Year Silas Baxter-Neal celebrates 10 years on Habitat with this ‘look back’ part, over on the Berrics’ website.

This isn’t a quickly rehashed thing either, this is nine minutes of expertly crafted highlight; the kind of thing that makes your average ‘Best Of’ look terribly tame! Silas has an enviable back catalogue of parts to draw from and the adidas pro footage has always been top notch – we’re amazed they were able to keep it down to nine minutes to be honest!

After riding high on the crest of a million brown cords in 2005 (if you were there then you know what we are talking about!) and then through a great number of changes in the way skaters look, behave and ultimately skate, Silas has kept it true to that proper skate rat mentality over the years and has never once disappointed. Here’s hoping the next decade will be just as fruitful.

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