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Matriz Skate Spot: The Best of Luan

Sep 2015 by Route One

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness Flip Skateboards’ Luan Oliveira skate in the flesh you will know just how extraordinarily talented the young man from Porto Alegre is. Many skaters are technical, many have power, many are consistent and many have finesse – very few possess all these traits but Luan does.

In his local park Luan, for want of a better term, trains it up to a level so mind boggling it almost hurts the brain to process just how good he is. Aussie site Boardworld has uploaded this ‘best of 2015’ clip from Matriz Skate Spot and when you watch it you’ll see how we’re struggling for superlatives to describe just how staggeringly talented Luan really is.

These five minutes of “throwaway” footage will leave you not only astounded but questioning if what you’ve seen is actually real; Luan in simply that good. Enjoy!

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