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Westgate's '508' Part

Mar 2021 by Route One
Skateboarding is many different things to many different people; from the 50 year old in full pads decking their frontside rocks, through the freshest hypebeast showcasing their dopest threads, to the shy freestyler working out the most complicated board manipulation in the quiet corner of a carpark - the way we see a skateboard and how it is to be utilised differs greatly to each and every one of us. So, when we all understand this premise, it seems completely nonsensical to state that a person does it "properly." But "do it properly" is exactly what Brandon Westgate has done in this latest release from New Balance.
Every clip is fast, each trick is popped high with perfect precision, the music the editing and the 'fit are all subtle but perfect - basically everything is "proper" no matter how you feel a skateboard should best be used. And that really is the rarest of things; a skateboarder that everyone, no matter how you ride your own, can agree on. What an absolute beast!

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