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Element 'Zygote'
Element 'Zygote'
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Element 'Zygote'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Element Skateboards unleash a veritable smorgasbord of insane skateboarding action with their brand new clip 'Zygote'. Any of you that remember basic primary school biology will recall what a zygote is, what that has to do with an 11 minute montage we have no idea but it doesn't make it any less incredible!

Released through Thrasher and featuring pretty much the whole Element squad, rails get slid, stairs get jumped and a whole host of other radical manoeuvres get manoeuvred over numerous bits of urban architecture. As you would expect it's pretty rad; then comes Evan Smith...

Evan Smith is a mythical skateboarding beast with trick powers bordering on otherworldly. His loose and flowy style belies a level of control rarely witnessed; his ability to manipulate both himself, his board and seemingly the laws of physics has to put him in every skater's favourite 'Top 5' right now and also a shoe in for Thrasher's SOTY award this year. We're sure you've seen his latest Thrasher cover, kickflipping over a handrail into a proper wall ride - that's not his ender. That's how good he is. You simply have to see this!

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