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Converse Cons Nightlines
Converse Cons Nightlines
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Converse Cons Nightlines

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

“Nightlines is inspired by the raw energy of summer nights in the city when crowds, security and the heat allow skaters to own the streets. Starring Mike Anderson, Aaron Herrington, Nuge, Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Louie Lopez, Eli Reed and Zered Bassett and featuring Al Davis, Brian DelaTorre and Ben Kadow. Nightlines was shot in NYC, and other cities over the course of Summer 2015”

Yeah, Converse Cons might be jumping on the coat tails of every cool innercity edit of the past 18 months; hammer free skateboarding filmed at night, ticking all the required boxes (cruising lines, wallies, skating cars etc.) but with the skaters involved it is still very much worth your time.

Ben Kadow blasts at mach Julien, Manderson never disappoints, Louie Lopez footage is always a treat & Eli goes all Ben Grove with a ‘Terry Tough Tits’ approach to dusk basketball court lines. Plus there’s Zered; if his switch crooks on the non slip step isn’t the best noise you’ve heard all year…


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