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Welsh Tommy 'Das EFX'
Welsh Tommy 'Das EFX'
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Welsh Tommy 'Das EFX'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • das efx skate welsh tommy

Welsh Tommy is a beast and if there was any justice in the world he'd be one of the biggest pro's on planet earth right now. With an almost bottomless bag of tricks, a uniquely rad style and the ability to not take himself too seriously he embodies all the things we love most about skateboarding... and yet the chances are most of you haven't heard of him.

Thankfully though the lads at Pixels have released his latest part and we're hoping, if nothing else, it educates a few of our nation's up and comers that there are tech wizards of our own, pushing boundries whilst "having a laugh" and you don't always have to look oversees to find radness and creativity; sometimes it's hanging about down Spit and Sawdust, reverting just before grinds just because it can!

The part itself is grand, containing just enough legit hammers to counter the piss take of recent trends (of which he's a master of them all) and we're sure even the most extreme minded creative millenial will find inspiration in spades. Click play for some seriously fun Welsh radness and recognise one of the best of our own - you know you want to!

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