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CAFE x DC Shoes 'Lloyds'

Feb 2023 by Route One

In a match made in skate heaven, DC shoes have joined forces with Bristol's finest board brand Skateboard Café to celebrate the legendary Lloyds Amphitheatre in the shape of two amazing colorways. And this here promotional clip gives us the perfect glimpse into what the collaboration is all about!

Featuring Café riders Josh Arnott and Layth Sami, the Kalis OG and Clockers are put to the test in the very environment that shaped their design. You see, the powers that be at DC figured Lloyds is so iconic they not only drew inspiration for the colour pallette (the Kalis OG that of the ledges, the Clocker the blues of the brick landing) but also embroidered the iconic diamond shape, found throughout the plaza, right on the back of the shoe. A proper little touch, no two ways about it!

Hit the link to see Layth and Josh put both shoes through their paces!

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