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Jeff Dechesare 'Upstream'
Jeff Dechesare 'Upstream'
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Jeff Dechesare 'Upstream'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Jeff Dechesare is an enigma. Seemingly so un-self-aware he chose his own nickname in Jeffwonsong, he somehow manages to simultaneously combine looking incredibly uncomfortable yet be face meltingly good at skateboarding. It really does cause a sense of bewilderment in all who bear witness to it!

Whilst many of a certain generation/mindset view his floor bouncing flip tricks as the anathema to the accepted standards of good taste, when viewed outside the conventional prism of "style" it is hard to find a more talented skateboarder in the modern generation.

Though recently described as the misbegotten love child of Alex Decunha and Jaws, we find this commentary reductive; whilst the man from Denville, New Jersey certainly draws parallels with both these undeniable talents he really is his own man, as this brand-new section on the Berrics shows.

Honestly, all banal judgements aside, Jeff absolutely rips skateboarding a new one in this. Whatever your preconceptions, give it a go as we guarantee you'll be picking your jaw up off the floor more than once.

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