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Enzo Cautela 'Wake & Bake'
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Enzo Cautela 'Wake & Bake'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • bones enjoi king of the road thrasher video

Enzo Cautela's rise to skate stardom is real rags-to-riches tale; a veritable Cinderella story if you will.

Working in the Enjoi warehouse he was getting flowed boards and skating like we all do (ok, a lot gnarlier than we all do) but his hopes for a career seemed to be going nowhere. A series of viral clips of some of the gnarliest flip tricks ever filmed got the public behind him and an eventual spot in the van on Thrasher's King Of The Road cemented him as an unignorable talent we all wanted to see more of!

Now riding for KFD, Enzo has just dropped this part for Bones, skating all the spots his home town of Vegas has to offer, shutting down half of them along the way!

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