Austyn Gillette’s HUF Part

Posted by Route One on 8th July 2015

Whilst other ‘Team Handsome’ members draw admiration and derision in equal measure, 3D’s Austyn Gillette manage to bypass drawing even a semblance of disregard by being, in the immortal words of one Rod Kimble, “too legit to quit”.

The diminutive LA native may well have the cheekbones to draw gasps from every passing female but he is also 100% skate rat and 100% gnarler. This new part, exclusive to Thrasher and released in conjunction with HUF, is testament to that. Conversations this past weekend with SML wheels partner (and long time filmer) Aaron Brown confirm that Austyn was at no more than 40% health filming this and yet it is still gnarly and tech beyond comprehension!

We often get asked what is required to become a sponsored skater; marketability and natural talent are definitely required but so is that unwavering passion and work ethic. Austyn has the full package in spades…