Battle Scars: Tony Hawk

Posted by Route One on 25th July 2019

Who doesn't love a good slam story eh? You really can't go wrong. Add a monkey suit into the mix though? That's the kind of anecdote you really need to sit up and listen to!

Obviously everyone and their grandma knows who Tony Hawk is and we're all pretty much aware he's been plying his trade in the game for over forty years now. So it stands to reason that Big Tone has taken his fair share of meaty bails over the years and, thanks to this latest episode of Battle Scars form the Berrics, we now know the stories behind the Birdman's most spectacular falls.

From knocking himself unconscious as nowt but a wee boy to the aforementioned monkey suit hip break, there's no denying Tony has paid to play. That's what you get when you're four decades deep though; as you all should know by now, skateboarding hurts!