Brian Peacock is Pro!

Posted by Route One on 3rd May 2016

As followers of P-Rod’s Instagram profile worked out a couple of weeks ago, Primitive Skateboards have seen fit to add the one and only Brian Peacock as the latest addition to their hugely impressive pro roster.

The Newark, Delaware native is positively an old man in terms of skateboarding career steps but he proves it’s never too late for insane talent to shine through with a technical barrage of a part that belies his 27 years. The adidas rider seriously knows how to balance his skateboard and produces some of the hardest ledge and manual manoeuvres ever committed to tape.

His influences are easy to spot, with fakie variations of nollie tricks by the likes of Lucas Puig, Felipe Gustavo and one heck of a coping dance trick straight from the feet of Rob Welsh. To be fair, you can’t go far wrong reinterpreting skateboarding from such a stellar cast of peers and, combined with his evidently quite loose set up, the man from the East Coast delivers a mind boggling array of tech tricks that are sure to bring a smile to the face even the most stoic of skate fans.