Caswell Berry's TWS Part

Posted by Route One on 1st November 2017

Flippin' heck, enjoi are killing it with the content this week, there's no two ways about it! On top of the fantastic new 'Panda Patrol' series comes this stand alone part from San Jose legend Caswell Berry, and it's every bit as mind blowing as the classic sections he's sent our way over the past 16 years.

Opening up with a tribute to the ever-lovable frankfurter (before introducing one of the best late shuvits we've ever seen!), it continues the sausage love with archive footage spliced throughout, and it's easy to spot that there's a definite food theme intended here (which is certainly a little peculiar by skate video standards). In fact it'd be fair to call it as much an ode to the humble weiner as it is a skate section full of bangers...pun intended!

Moving on from the wurst quips we've dropped in a while (sorry, that really was the last one!), regardless of the fast food cuisine B Roll this is definite vintage Caswell and we get plenty of rail hammers to sit alongside some good ol' raw ditch skating and a couple of those oh so perfect tre's he's famous for. 

This is certainly worth four minutes of your time, just don't be surprised if you finish the clip a little more peckish than you started!