Chad Muska: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 25th July 2019

Escaping the unforgiving Midlothian summer rain back in 2011, Edinburgh's The Horseshoe Inn provided the perfect back drop for the very first in what has turned out to be a hugely successful series of interviews for us. Initially unable to fulfill their demo requirements at the nearby Saughton Skate Park, the Supra team (and a number of hangers on, us included) descended en masse to the nearest hostiliery and took up refuge. Drying off by the fire, what better time than to make our acquaintance with the legend that is Chad Muska!?!

Over the years we've remained friends and enjoyed the chance to catch up a number of times but unfortunately circumstances have conspired against us and our paths haven't crossed since his near career ending back and knee injuries of the mid 2010's. Now, back on his board and celebrating the release of a new shoe, we couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to quiz the man on everything that's been going on recently and the latest Supra sojourn to these shores was the perfect opportunity to make that happen!

Discussing the merits of the "boots on the ground" demo, his openness displayed through social media and what skateboarding means to him at 42; Chad is refreshingly candid and lets us get to see and know the man behind The Muska legend. Click play to see what an old friend had to say.