Charlie Munroe VX Fresh

Posted by Route One on 2nd March 2016

Milk Skateboards treat us to yet more Charlie Munro footage with the release of this VX clip, once again showcasing just what a beast the young man is!

Filmed and edited by Luke Petty and including more than its fair share of downright shocking skateboarding, Lakai rider Charlie reaches deep into his seemingly endless bag of tricks to stamp his name as one of the most productive skateboarders in the country right now.

The level of board control on show here is genuinely mesmerising with young Mr Munro slaying the biggest of gaps as well as the most technical of ledge manoeuvres. Alongside R1 riders Nicky Howells and Nick Remon, not forgetting fellow East Coast ripper Jordan Thackeray, Milk Skateboards have one of the most exciting teams on British soil right now, long may their coverage continue!