Death Skateboards Celebrate 15 years

Posted by Route One on 8th January 2014

Death Skateboards is one of our finest institutions, serving the UK scene and sharing it with the world in a way only they can.

This year, Nick Zorlac’s baby is 15 years old and if that isn’t something to celebrate then I don’t know what is! Death has always stood for fun, friends, random spots and the raddest of skating; no ‘too cool’ guys here.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion Dan Cates and the rest of the boys (including our very own Benson) took to the road to do what they’ve always done best; shred some insane terrain!

The video is here for you to view now, what more could you want to get you stoked on the brilliance of skateboarding on this little island we like to call home?

Death Skateboards 15 Years Tour. a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk