Deathwish Part One: Jamie Foy and Jake Hayes

Posted by Route One on 8th November 2017

Did Jamie Foy just secure his nomination (and likely victory) in this year's Thrasher SOTY award? We reckon he did!

 After kicking of the year with a face melting 'Welcome to Deathwish' part, absolutely destroying everything set in front of him (apart from vegetables) in this year's thoroughly entertaining 'King Of The Road' series, and then continuing his onslaught in our favourite clip of the year so far (Thrasher's amazing 'Am Scramble), Jamie seals the deal with this truly bonkers shared part with Aussie madman Jake Hayes.

 Let's not take away from Jake's contribution either; the Antipodean ripper more than comes correct in this astoundingly gnarly part. In fact, we best be careful with the way we write this because we're in danger of running out of superlatives before we do both of the lads justice!

 However, no matter how much praise we heap on either of these two guys, the fact remains 2017 has definitely been Jamie Foy's year. Thrasher's SOTY this time around? We're calling it now...

Check it out over on Thrasher's website -