Flip Brazil Tour

Posted by Route One on 13th April 2016

In the days after Geoff Rowley’s shock retirement from Flip many wondered if the brand still had a future in the choppy waters that make up the modern day skateboard industry.

Thankfully, as this tour of Brazil confirms, Jeremy Fox and the rest of the crew behind the scenes quickly steadied the ship and things are looking brighter than ever for the UK’s most successful skate export.

The tour itself took place back in December with the likes of David Gonzales, Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Denny Pham and Ben Nordberg venturing down to spend time in hospitable confines of Luan Oliveira’s home nation. Ad hoc street skating missions and organised demos are traditional tour fare but sometimes you can’t go wrong with the classics and, whilst the editing is certainly a step away from the expected norm, with a team as strong as the Flip boys this is one of those occasions! Enjoy.