Hockey III

Posted by Route One on 8th November 2017

F.A. might be the brand that gets all the attention from the Hypebeast crowd, due to the associated the team's many links with Supreme, but when it comes to straight-talking skateboard action, there's no messing with sister brand Hockey and the amazing footage they continue to put out.

Though the title is far from inspiring, the logical progression of Hockey's I,II and III will certainly make it easier for future generations to maintain chronology whilst revisiting the brand's audio visual back catalogue! Cheap digs aside, this is first class raw skateboarding from the likes of big John Fitzgerald, Donovan Piscopo, Caleb Bennett and the stocky 30-something's favourite; bank crusher extraordinaire Andrew Allen. 

Sadly, Long Island's most stylish son Gino Iannucci is conspicuous in his absence, but the addition of cameo footage from the F.A. double team of Sage Elsesser and Sean Pablo more than makes up for it. This is twenty minutes of raw and beautiful street skateboarding in 2017 - drink it in folks, as this is as on point as you're gonna get right now.