Jerry Hsu: A Love Like Mine Is Hard To Find

Posted by Route One on 18th May 2016

Chocolate representative Jerry Hsu joins forces with Solo skate mag to produce a three minute expose on his current Berlin hosted photography show ‘A love like mine is hard to find’.

As everyone knows there is much more to skateboarding than the simple act itself and, as a pastime, it has always drawn free thinkers, creative types and artists into its fold. Jerry follows in this tradition with a well documented love of film photography and the Emerica pro explains this fascination, as well as the reasoning behind his approach, in this piece and it shows quite a different side to the skateboarding character we’ve come to know and love over the years.

For fans of photography this is obviously a must see but to those with an open mind for discovering new things it also has merit; we are not footballers, we are not sports stars, we are not jocks - Skateboarders find inspiration in the most obscure situations and art in the unlikeliest of places, check out what Jerry is doing because maybe it’ll grab you too…