Joslin: Ode To London

Posted by Route One on 25th October 2017

As rad is it would be, sadly we have to report that Etnies and Plan B's reigning BATB champ (and possibly the gnarliest man in skateboarding today) hasn't been taking up residence in our nation's capital, creating a part . Nope, the London in question is his first born child; daughter London Joslin celebrated her first birthday this year and this brand new Berrics' hosted part is his tribute to her.


First things first, we have to accept that, with the Etnies video just around the corner, this collection of stunts and lines is realistically nothing more than off-cuts not good enough for his long awaited (and assumed) 'enders' section. And, in most cases, you'd be forgiven for not being particularly fussed for what amounts to surplus - you gotta remember this is Chris Joslin though!


Opening proceedings with a switch frontside flip off a 10 (and over a wall) right as security walks up before systematically destroying nearly every gap in Southern California, Joslin never once lets up with the approach that has seen him become one of the biggest names in the world. Think of this not so much as offcuts and leftover skate tricks, more an appetiser for the main course coming your way shortly; if the excess is this good, think how good the clips the Etnies guys have kept are!