Kevin 'Spanky' Long: The Route One Interview

Posted by Route One on 19th October 2016

Long time Emerica and Baker pro Kevin 'Spanky' Long closes up our exclusive series of Emerica 'Made 2' interviews with this chat, following on from our conversations with Baker team mate Figgy and Toy Machine's Collin Provost.

As a skater we've witnessed him grow from young kid on Kareem Campbell's final incarnation of City Stars, drop the breakout part in the legendary 'This Is Skatebarding' and excel in numerous classic Baker productions. His recent come back and return to the pro ranks has been cemented by his star turn in Made 2 and, knowing the young man from 'The Valley' has seen more than most in his 32 years on the planet, we simply had to take ten minutes of his time to ask him some questions!

Covering topics that range from his opinions on the vid right through to the mental torment endured following his horrific burns injury, Kevin is both thoughtful and insightful in each and every one of his responses. Some people were made for you to listen to and Kevin Long is one of those people. Enjoy!