Posted by Route One on 13th April 2016

A couple of years ago Nike SB and Girl Skateboards pro Sean Malto’s world was turned upside down with a horrific ankle break.

Having undergone complete lateral reconstruction initial reports suggested he was ready to skate but we, as skateboarders, tend to know the messages our body is trying to tell us and Sean knew things weren’t right. After complaining of a pinching in his ankle an X-ray revealed a bone spur that required further surgery and an extreme amount of physical therapy.

For someone as naturally talented as Malto this was perhaps the first instance in which he’d had to really work for skateboarding and this brand new featurette, produced by Ty Evans and filmed exclusively with Iphones, documents his battle to regain his skate career.

Featuring behind the scenes looks at his healing process along with cameo appearances from the likes of Guy Mariano and Atiba Jefferson, this is a refreshing look at an all too regular but often ignored facet of skateboarding life and is definitely worthy of eleven minutes of anyone’s time!