Markovich Spends 7 Seconds at Svitak’s

Posted by Route One on 18th December 2013

Chances are, if you’d been born twenty years or so earlier, your favourite skater would have been Kris Markovich.

You think Busenitz skates fast? Check out Markovich in Union’s Right to skate or Foundation’s Art Bars to name but two; tre flips at mach ten with wheels smaller than your bearings!

Despite numerous sponsor changes (and a few brands of his own) over the years, Kris is still ripping harder than most, as Kristian Svitak’s mini ramp will testify – the ender is nuts!

Just so you know, the clip isn’t only seven seconds long. Don’t be silly. A song by ‘7 Seconds’, the legendary US Punk band, accompanies every clip on the ramp that Kristian puts out; so you know this clip is going to get you pumped!