Nike SB 'I58 Tour'

Posted by Route One on 16th August 2018

Ever wanted Bobby Worrest to show you how to eat crayfish? Well... your prayers have just been answered in this latest clip from the house of Nike SB. However, if freshwater shellfish consumption hints are not your thing, the video still contains plenty of top class skating. Bobby may eat a mean mouthful, but the dude shreds like a badman twice as hard, don't you worry!

Also featuring everyone's favourite pint-sized Dutch ripper Dan Van Der Linden, Toy Machine's resident handsome devil Blake Carpenter and Japanese wunderkind Yuto Horigome (as well as Cyrus Bennett, Alex Olson and cameo appearances from Nyjah and Koston), this is a good old fashioned road trip hitting up the southern states. Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi & Louisiana all take a hit and, with a team as rich in talent as Nike SB, you know that hit is a knock out.

Clocking in at exactly three minutes and thirty seconds (including the afore mentioned street side fine dining life hacks) this is, once again, perfect pre session hype material. Get your mates round, press that play button then get out and skate. And if it rains, get out and eat some shellfish; Bobby Worrest has your back!