Rough Cut: Tiago Lemos

Posted by Route One on 9th November 2016

Tiago Lemons (as the Yanks like to call him) really is on a whole other level to most right now. A year and a half ago his name was nothing more than the quietest of whispers from Brazil, fast forward 18 months and the numerous clips he has put out have sent his name stratospheric!

It all kicked off with Ty Evan's cinematic opus 'We Are Blood', a spot on the full DC team was followed by a jump to the pro ranks with Danny Montoya's Boulevard skateboards and now the rough cuts from his mind boggling Thrasher part have hit the airwaves; this really is the bonkers stuff skateboarding dreams are made of.

We all know skateboarding is in a peculiar time right now; the anti-Street League movement rebelling against the most insane of handrail jockeys has led to an over saturation of, put simply, underwhelming skaters being sponsored. Never has there been a period when so household names are genuinely below average and it's easy to get disheartened, forgetting that there's a massive class of folk sitting right in between these extreme camps. Tiago is in this group and is pushing skateboarding in the raddest of ways; give him fifteen minutes of your time, it'll restore your faith in all that is radical!