Shoot All Skaters: Tim Dowling

Posted by Route One on 27th January 2016

As the latest luminary skate film maker to receive the ‘Shoot All Skaters’ treatment on The Berrics Website, Tim Dowling explains his first forays into using a video camera right through to his recent work with ‘The Deadliest Catch’.

For those of you a little too young to realise the significance of Tim’s input into skateboard media, this 18 minute look back into the life of one of the most important proponents of the audio visual capture of our beloved pass time is essential viewing.

From starting off filming a family wedding, through his early days at World, via his legendary work as the in house filmer at Girl (Goldfish and Mouse, two of the most seminal skate films of all time, are all his work)and then onto independent projects and Documentary media – Tim Dowling is veritable skate film making royalty. If you have any interest in the history of skateboarding at all (and want to see so classic Guy Mariano footage) we suggest you give this your full attention.