Sour Solution II

Posted by Route One on 20th February 2019

Writing about skateboarding is a double edged sword. As great as it is to talk about something you love, it's equally difficult to avoid falling into using the same phrases week in, week out. A lot of the time you're picking from a limited pool of superlatives and therefore, in those rare occasions something is simply magnificent, it's hard to express just how good when you've tried to be as positive as possible about another clip or two that were distinctly average.

And that's exactly the problem with writing about Gustav Tonnesen's frankly phenomenal 'Sour Solution II.' Honestly, this is the best full length we've seen in years. From Oscar Candon's impossibly gnarly opening section through to Simon Isaksson's unfathomable street loop ender, this video is virtually perfect.

The music, the filming, the tricks, the people, the spots - it's just so good there isn't enough depth to the English language to separate it from everything else in the industry right now. But separate to the rest of the industry it is. Sure, there are many great skateboarders in this world, much like there are many great filmers and many great companies, but nothing reaches the sum of it's parts like this.

You wanna know what the peak of skateboarding is like in February 2019? This is it right here, it honestly does not get any better!