TWS Legend: Ed Templeton

Posted by Route One on 17th February 2016

If ever anyone in skateboarding was worthy of the title ‘Legend’ it has to be Toy Machine main man and owner of the best noseblunts, front smiths and impossibles in the game, Mr Ed Templeton.

This clip, shown at the annual Transworld awards just before Ed received his ‘Legend’ accolade, apparently choked the big man up a tad; we have to admit it is pretty moving stuff and a fantastic tribute to one of the most important figures skateboarding will ever know.

Clocking in a few seconds shy of eight minutes and complete with more than a few moments of humour, as well as all the classic archive footage you’d expect, it’s the perfect introduction to Ed for the younger crowd and a great way for the older heads to reminisce about the good old days. It’s definitely more than worthy of your attention so get stuck in and see how it should be done.