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Carhartt- Impact
Carhartt- Impact
Oct 2023 by Route One
From its origins, Carhartt have strived to use high quality materials, and, in Hamilton Carhartt’s own words, they have always had the objective to do “the just and honest thing.” Cotton accounts for 70% of Carhartt’s products and they aim to ensure that all their cotton comes from sustainable sources by 2024. This means that the cotton would come from either organic licensed farms or it would support more sustainable cotton practices through the Better Cotton Initiative. They also ensure that all their Carhartt WIP products meet the requirements of their restricted substances list to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. This helps to protect the customers health and the environment. And since 2005 Carhartt  have had solar panels fitted to their headquarters, warehouse and outlet in Weil am Rhein. These panels cover approximately ten thousand square meters in total and allows them to generate roughly 1.3 million kWh of energy per year.


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