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Best of 2013: Route One Team
Best of 2013: Route One Team
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Best of 2013: Route One Team

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

In 2013 we proudly announced two new additions to the Route One skate team in the form of vert wunderkind Sam Beckett and Chelmsford’s finest Nick Remon.

It was a great year for both lads; Sam touring the world and Nick winning the UK Champs but we’d like to hope that joining up with the likes of Manhead, Conhuir, Nicky, Doug, Benson was pretty rad for them too!

In time honoured tradition we welcomed them both with an introductory clip; Sam in a very cold XC in Hemel, classically filmed on a VX to some Dio era Sabbath, Nick at the under threat Southbank in a contemporary HD format juxtaposed against some 1930’s ragtime – who says we don’t mix it up!

Both clips are available for you to watch now and keep an eye open in 2014 for new additions – we have some power moves planned!

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