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Best of 2013: Webclips
Best of 2013: Webclips
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Best of 2013: Webclips

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

This is a hard one given that, every day, literally hundreds of clips go up online.

From little Tommy Berkins’ Dad filming him doing his first static kickflip, to Nyjah Huston dropping one of the heaviest rail chomper parts of all time; videos of all types goes up online on the regs.

So, how do we break this down? Well, in this instance we’re simply going to have to use personal taste. We fully appreciate that you, as an individual, may not agree in the slightest. That is fantastic and exactly as it should be; skateboarding is an art and completely subjective. But as we can only speak for ourselves, we’ve got our filmer Alex to pick his favourite four clips of the past twelve months.

Firstly, we have the absolutely beautifully produced ‘Philidelphia with Mark Suciu’ clip, made by our ultimate mancrush Mr Chris Mulhern. Nobody is wielding a camera like this man and nobody is skating quite like Suciu. This instant classic was a match made in heaven.

 On the other side of the skateboarding spectrum comes the insane genius of Lancashire legends Chris Atherton and Jesse James. No words can do justice to the utter brilliance of this clip. Just watch…

May saw the release of a Morgan Campbell section that has perhaps been watched more than anything else all year by us. He slappies UP a kerb for flips sake! Combine with the loosest of trucks and NBD blunt combos and we were in heaven.

This final one was the hardest. We loved Clint Walker’s  Ambig video curtains, John Sciano’s Thrasher part was unbelievable (in fact if you count Greco, Nyjah, Raybourn and the Zero ‘Cold War’ releases Thrasher has absolutely killed it all year) but the most stoked we could possibly be was when we saw Jimmy Boyes’ exclusive Sidewalk 200th issue section.

The worst slams imaginable, the gnarliest drop in of all time (you try dropping in a ditch wall hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital); Rowley’s best mate puts kids half his age to shame. Best section of the year? Probably not. Most stoked? Definitely.

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