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Deedz 'Drømmetur'

Aug 2022 by Route One

Everybody's favourite Larvik native* Didrik Glasso takes his unique brand of skateboarding fun over to the Hawaiian island of Oahu to meet up with Pekka Lovas and Arto Saari, hitting up the Honolulu's park as well as a number of crusty street spots along the way.

Traversing the Pacific in search of a little piece of skateboarding heaven is nothing new and whilst the majority of the spots on show won't come as a surprise, Deedz ever ingenious approach means old favourites get a fresh seeing to in the most entertaining of ways.

Of course, no visit to Hawaii is complete without a pilgrimage to Wallows. Though Deedz' fleeting visit to the fabled drainage ditch obviously pales in comparison to the sessions of the Bones Brigade in Animal Chin, there's no fronting on a blindside flip like that on such a cheese grater-y surface; Deedz certainly grabs his little piece of skate history!

*The 36 subscribers of heavy metal band Absolute Steel's YouTube account might disagree but we don't imagine any of those will be reading this. Stranger things have happened at sea mind!

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