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Free Skate Day 2015: Last Chance To Vote!

Apr 2015 by Route One

If you haven’t already, and you want your favourite park to win £1000 towards redevelopment, you must get your vote in in the next 24 hours as the poll must close on Friday at 9am!

Four skate parks played host to the Route One x Supra Free Skate Day last week and you can watch the highlights from each of the events below. Featuring Route One riders Manhead, Lois Pendlebury, Conhuir Lynn, Doug McLaughlan, Nicky Howells & Nick Remon, plus a shed load of local folk weighed down by all the freebies so wonderfully donated by the event sponsors, these days absolutely went off.

Thanks again to everyone that turned up and an extra big thank you to all the parks involved. It’s now your turn to do your bit by voting for your favourite park via clicking on the picture below!

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