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Hellaclips Exclusive: Jamie Thomas ‘Road Less Travelled’ Remix

Mar 2014 by Route One

Jamie Thomas appears to be aging like a fine wine and although this cliché may seem a little trite in this case it genuinely applies to the Zero Skateboards main man.

His shoe brand Fallen’s ‘Road Less Traveled’ came out last year to mass critical acclaim, mixing serious skateboarding with wholly unseen spots from the furthest nether regions of the globe.

Hellaclips now has an exclusive remix of all of Jamie’s footage put together in one section (perfectly edited to classic rock of course) and it is as inspiring as it is entertaining. You gotta remember, the dude is 40 in October and he’s still searching out spots, still getting creative and still jumping on bloody big handrails. Long live the Chief!

Hellaclips Exclusive: Jamie Thomas Fallen "Road Less Traveled" recut by Mike Gilbert from Hellaclips on Vimeo.

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