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Kelvin Hoefler Ricta Wheels Part
Kelvin Hoefler Ricta Wheels Part
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Kelvin Hoefler Ricta Wheels Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Those of you who followed Street League “last season” or any NASS aficionados from the past few years will be well aware of the insane ability of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler.

This brand new part for Ricta Wheels, released through the Ride Channel, only further establishes Kelvin as one of the gnarliest faces in the international scene today!

Thess two minutes of balls to the wall ripping will leave you wondering how he manages to make it all look so easy whilst simultaneously fearing for his safety; he really does like handrails! There is a lot more to his game than just bannister shredding though and his flat ground game never disappoints, there’s a nollie inward heel in this that’s sure to make you weep.

Kelvin had one hell of a year in 2015, by the looks of this things are only gonna get a whole lot better for him this time around.

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