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Lightbox: Grey Interlopers

Jul 2015 by Route One

When Phil Evans accompanied Jeremy Jones, Jak Pietryga, John Bell, Joe Gavin, Darius Trabalza and Luka Pinto to Malmo on a Grey Skate mag trip his intention was to film the entire week strictly on Super 8.

Early parts of the week were occasionally too dark for the chosen medium, then things went so well the stocks of film actually ran out! Meaning Phil had to make the most of these situations with his trusty HD rig.

Lightbox: Grey Interlopers is that HD footage and can be seen in the usual fashion – clicking play on the video below! The full Super 8 project is now available to order online; click this link to read the whole back story on the project, including the hand painted ‘one of a kind’ covers, the making of the soundtrack and much more besides:

Lightbox: Grey interlopers from greyskatemag on Vimeo.

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