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Micky Papa’s Blinded Part
Micky Papa’s Blinded Part
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Micky Papa’s Blinded Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Fancy some HD ultra clean Californian super-tech down your optic nerve this morning? Then focus your retinas on this!

Eye jokes aside (come on, with “Blinded” being the title you can hardly blame us!) this four minute section from Canadian Blind Skateboards rider Micky really is quite a treat. He has that uber-perfect thing going on where even the hardest of tricks are performed with almost scientific precision.

The young lad from Vancouver has made quite a name for himself with standalone online releases; who can forget his other Thrasher “full part” from a little over two years ago, we certainly can’t!

The tricks in this really do border on the insane, to quote Thrasher directly “This guy is so dialled-in he makes it look easy. His bag of tricks is beyond belief and the hammer section is straight up psychotic. Enjoy...”

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