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Oscar Candon Krew Killer
Oscar Candon Krew Killer
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Oscar Candon Krew Killer

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Those of you that saw Supra Footwear’s residency in the UK last summer will no doubt be aware of just how ridiculously good young Frenchman Oscar Candon actually is.

When you’re on a tour with the likes of Greco, Muska, Ellington, Lizard King and Javier Sarmiento and you’re the one that stands out you know you’re on to something special.

Well, Supra’s parent company Krew has just released this latest offering of choice cuts from the lad and we have to say that, although it only clocks in at one minute and thirty three seconds, it’s an absolute bobby dazzler. The term ATV gets bandied about a lot but Oscar really can skate everything; massive rails, quirky banks and big ol’ gaps all get merked at Mach 10 – the lad is an animal!

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