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Panda Patrol: Episode Two
Panda Patrol: Episode Two
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Panda Patrol: Episode Two

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Those ever-lovable enjoi boys are back with the second installment of their 'Panda Patrol' series and it's every bit as enjoyable as the first. Actually it's possibly more entertaining, especially when you spot the 'not so subtle' references's looking at you, Ryan Decenzo!
Much like part one, the clip focuses on a full part from one rider: Aussie spot slayer and newest pro Jackson Pilz, but also showcases footage from pretty much the whole team, intertwined with archive ads and that classic enjoi humour.
It really is Jackson's show though and it's easy to see why Louie and the boys chose to bump him up to pro after the recent 'King of the Road' - the term ATV gets bandied about quite a lot these days, but with this amazing Antipodean it really rings true; we're pretty sure the lad can skate absolutely everything ever, ever!

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