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Sweet ‘Mango’ Pie

Feb 2014 by Route One

Welcome Skateboard’s Chris ‘Mango’ Milic is an odd ball and we mean that in the absolute best sense of the word!

There was a time, not so long ago, that skateboarding was all about the oddballs, the punks, the creative types, the weirdos. Then, a few years ago, things got a tad mainstream and it seemed that the portrayed side of the skate industry was all about cool guys, jocks and being hip. This didn’t really suit skateboarding given it is such a free and rule-less pass time.

Thankfully the likes of Mango are becoming more and more prevalent these days. Yeah, he’s a bit weird but my goodness does the lad rip; he has serious, serious trickery up his sleeve and all whilst having a grand old time being a goof. Skating is getting rad again!

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