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Thrasher Vacation at Ramp 1, Warrington
Thrasher Vacation at Ramp 1, Warrington
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Thrasher Vacation at Ramp 1, Warrington

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Having arrived in the country at the back end of last week, the travelling band of Thrasher staff and assorted skateboarders hand picked by Jake Phelps himself (that’s Grant Taylor, Ronnie Sandoval, Tommy Sandoval, Raven Tershy, Jack Curtin, Sam Beckett and Ben Raemers) have made their way from the House of Vans in London, through Bristol and Birmingham, only to finish up at the fantastic Ramp 1 facility in sunny Warrington.

As is customary with international tours hitting these shores, we sent our own roving camera man Alex to capture the proceedings and asked him (nicely of course) to edit all his footage into one tasty little bite sized ball for your consumption.

So, here are the Warrington highlights! The foremost of which has to be the re-emergence of Carluke’s legendary son Div Adam, turning up drunk yet still skating like the gnarliest man on the planet. Come and get some!

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