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Transworld’s Street League LA Highlights
Transworld’s Street League LA Highlights
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Transworld’s Street League LA Highlights

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

We don’t usually link up Street League stuff. Not that we have anything against it but we figure that those people who want to watch it will have no doubt caught the live stream and those that aren’t interested simply won’t care.

In this instance though we’ll make an exception. The lead up to the LA round was exceptional to say the least; not only were the practice highlights that made it online out of this world (check out the Luan clip for proof – nuts!) but the leaked Nyjah slam was something else – it really did look as though he’d done himself a proper mischief.

Well, the lad pulled himself up and managed to compete and even had to borrow Zigram23’s board at one point after a kingpin snap. The result? A 9.2 on the scoreboard!

So yeah, not the usual thing we’d link up for you but, just this once, check out the highlights – it properly went off!

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